REVIEW: RiaRosa – “Better Than Nothing”

RiaRosa‘s “Better Than Nothing” evokes the nostalgia of an ’80s pop song.

The track opens quietly, almost in a whisper, before the tempo quickly builds into a whimsical harmony as vocalist Maria Rosa Gough sings: “Let me know when we will get there / My heart might tear apart.”

The romanticism of the lyrics complements the infectious dream-pop melody: “We could only go so far / Perfect nights could only last so long.” The single’s energy is reminiscent of a classic Stevie Nicks song exploring a fleeting romance.

With “Better Than Nothing,” RiaRosa proves that they know how to effectively convey a specific emotion in both lyricism and instrumentation — a task much easier said than done.

RATING: 9/10

Stream RiaRosa’s “Better Than Nothing” on Spotify here.