Kanye West announces his first opera

In a Twitter post, hip-hop colossus Kanye West announced his first foray into opera — a performance titled Nebuchadnezzar, slated to debut at the Hollywood Bowl on November 24.

Not many details were shared about the opera’s content aside from its title, which refers to the Biblical ruler of the Babylonian empire, a figure who West has referenced in past interviews.

The historical Nebuchadnezzar was a deeply flawed ruler whose delusions of grandeur eventually led to inescapable mental health issues — a story that has obvious parallels to West’s own life.

West’s tweet included a photo of an etched, golden invitation to the event depicting the Babylonian king, with text revealing that the opera’s director will be Vanessa Beecroft. Additional text reads: “Music with Sunday Service, Peter Collins & Infinities Song.”