REVIEW: Sky Ferreira – “Downhill Lullaby”

After six years, Sky Ferreira returns with a new song.

Ferreira croons softly in her string-filled single “Downhill Lullaby.” Her lyrics describe an abusive love: “You ripped me open, then you kiss me / Blue lips and roses that you left me.” Her dark lyricism alludes to the title of her upcoming sophomore album, Masochism.

“Downhill Lullaby” sounds like the theme to falling down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole yourself. Dizzying and dark. Haunting and intoxicating. Her grunge influences are obvious on this track — in the past, she’s referenced My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth as musical influences.

According to tweets published in February, the reason Ferreira hasn’t released an album earlier is due to “insane obstacles” and being iced out by those attempting to thwart her career. The wildly unique “Downhill Lullaby” sets the tone perfectly for Ferreira’s forthcoming LP.

RATING: 8/10